4 Breathing Exercises For Cyclists


Controlling Your Breath

Controlling your breath when cycling is a really good way in increase and improve your aerobic efficiency. With every right-side pedal stroke count your breath. Inhale every two strokes then exhale for three to get a feel of your level.

Maintaining this count during harder circumstances such as hill climbs can help increase speeds and climbing steeper slopes.

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Clearing The Path

Cycling whilst having a blocked nose is probably not a good idea. Due to restricted oxygen reaching your lungs it will slow you down and you will find it harder controlling your breath. Next time you go out riding and feel your nose blocked, try this 30 second nose clearing exercise:

1. Take a small breath

2. Exhale slowly and hold your breath

3. Pinch the tip of your nose, closing your nostrils and nod your head up and down 10 times – keeping your breath held.

4. Repeat min of 5 times until nose unblocks

Altitude Training

According to research published in the journal of Applied Physiology showed altitude training increases aerobic efficiency by roughly 6% so it may be a good idea to work on this with this simple breathing excerise which stimulates your training session at an altitude of 2,000m:

1. Walking at your normal pace take small breaths in and out

2. Exhale and hold your breath for 10 steps of your walk

3. Breath again for 2-3 steps of your walk

4. Exhale again holding the breath for 15 steps of your walk this time

5. Repeat, increasing the steps by 5 each time until you reach 50 then come back down to 10

Alway Recover

Everyone knows sleep and rest is the answer to everything. It can heal you, give you energy, resolve illnesses etc. Here is a simple trick to lower your heart rate putting you in a peaceful sleep:

1. Start by slowing your breathing down slightly for 3 minutes

2. Inhaling for two seconds and exhaling for five – Do this 10 times.

3. Inhale again for three seconds and exhaling for seven – Do this 10 times.

4. Repeat stage 3 again BUT at the end of each exhale hold the breath for three seconds. Again do this 10 times.


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