Cycling Whilst Pregnant – Is It Safe?


4 Tips To Staying Safe When Cycling Whilst Pregnant

Cycling whilst pregnant should defiantly should not stop you from riding. In fact, its actually far more beneficial than you think for both you and the baby but there are precautions you need to take in order to keep you and the baby safe on the road. Here are 4 tips to staying safe when cycling whilst pregnant:

Talk With Your Midwife/Doctor

Make sure you talk to them if are wanting to continue cycling whilst pregnant and letting them know how much you currently cycle and how much you’d like to continue throughout your pregnancy. Unless your doctor suggest medical reasons it should be fine.

“Pay Attention To Your Body”

Your doctor or midwife are likely to say this to you when giving you the green light to continue cycling whilst pregnant and they are very right!

Although exercise helps morning sickness, when you fall pregnant especially during first trimester, you feel more tired than usual. You are more than likely to feel energetic in the morning but only you know your body so if your body is telling you to stop or slow down, do not ignore it.

– You are only pregnant for nine months, you’ll be back cycling to your desired pace in no time.

Take It Easy

Similar to listening to your body – on a whole you should be taking it easy. In the trimester months of your pregnancy start winding your mileage and pace down so you do not over work yourself or the baby as it begins to grow. Especially take it easy when and notice when your bump begins getting too big as it may affect your balance.

– We are all different do not compare yourself to anyone.

Make Yourself Comfortable

During the second trimester you may find raising your handle bars or lowering your seat actually makes it easier cycling whilst pregnant, ensuring you are sitting up right.

Do not ride out uncomfortable as it only makes the baby uncomfortable and cause stress on you.

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Good luck with your little ones and just remember, have patience after birth before getting back on your bike. You will be tired and free from perhaps a once disciplined routine you had cycling so take one day at a time. Considering speaking to a cycling PT before and do not rush back into long endurance.


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