Kudos Miami


Anyone who has been turned away from employment as a dancer in the chorus line of the Folies Bergere for not kicking the air sufficiently highly will appreciate the virtues of the Miami, for whether you’re a gentleman or indeed, a lady, the act of mounting this substantial and versatile machine involves nothing more than a modest raising of the leg.

Once you’re aboard, everything falls to hand, nicely, the bike is built in such a way that it suits many different versions of the human form including a fairly large one such as myself. The handlebars sweep up and back in the style of a boulevard cruiser, the sprung saddle is large and accommodating with the pedals set a little forward, the perfect position for a relaxed ride. The frame of the bike is strong-looking but stylish with an appealing cruiser-like sweep to the curves of the down tubes. The Miami also sports a handy kickstand and a useful throttle (up to 6km) for easy getaways and the odd push-up (25kg).

Out on the move the initial impression of style and practicality is confirmed with everything functioning as it should. The Miami feels roomy and well-suited to electric assistance, gliding along with a well-composed efficient air. Lights are incorporated into the deal, battery powered but good and bright, the back light is particularly grand. There’s a large battery encased by a useful rear rack with handy elastic luggage straps.

The power train is a tried and tested Chinese Bafang 250 watt motor and none the worse for that. These motors can be a bit unsubtle for very low speed manoeuvring but once moving, everything is tickety-boo! Any bumpy roads are taken care of by a bouncy pair of fat cream tyres and with the addition of a seat post suspension unit for those longer more ambitious rides you’d be ready for anything. In fact the only change I would make as a taller rider would be to add a longer seat tube, apart from that the bike fitted fine.

The Kudos Miami is a lot of bike for the money, I thought it was great. So, male or female, if you’ve left the high-kicking life behind, but still like to cruise the leafy boulevards and promenades on your way to the cabaret or beyond, this could very well be the bike for you. Let the good times roll!


Motor: Bafang 250 watt, rear hub

Battery: Samsung lithium 36v x 11.6ah

Power: LCD display with 3 assistance levels and throttle (6km)

Frame: Aluminium

Brakes: Promax ’V’ front and rear

Wheels: 26” x 2.35”

Lights: LED battery power

Weight: 25 kg

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