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Press Release

Amsterdam, march 19th 2017


AND AUTOMOBILETECHNOLOGY 20 and 21 TH of March 2017, we launches the “Tender”, a new model Cargo bike, during the European Cycle Logistic Conference in Vienna.
The Tender is specifically meant for transport companies, such as post order, courier and delivery services. It’s a pedal electric assisted three wheel Cargo bike, available in various sizes. The Tender 1500 has a load capacity of 1500l and can carry up to 350kg.

Thanks to the powerful electric assist it rides astonishingly light given its proportions, even with heavy loads. The bike is allowed on the road as well as the bike paths. With the Tender you’ll avoid the traffic jams and will just park in front of your destination.

And all of this with zero emission and almost silent. That is good for the owners image and even better for the planet. We face sickening full cities all over the globe. The number of inhabitants increase and so does traffic and tourism. For the government it’s very challenging to guide all the traffic and run their cities at a healthy and safe level. With the Tender, Urban

Arrow aims at the vast growing demand of zero emission vehicles and offers a green alternative for all the vans and smaller trucks.

Walther Ploos van Amstel, Lector City logistics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, on this matter: “In the city logistics, we see a growing amount of small sending’s and more just-in- time deliveries, which leads to more delivery traffic. Last year 25% more vans were sold in the Netherlands. People love the cities, they want to live there, enjoy and visit. The image of all these vans just does not fit in that. Our research proved that a good third of all these vans could be replaced by a cargo bike.”

Urban Arrow

Since 2011 Urban Arrow produces pedal electric assisted cargo bikes for consumers as well as businesses. After the Family, Shorty and Cargo, the Tender is the fourth model of the Amsterdam based manufacturer. Next to the Tender 1500, Urban Arrow developed and tested the Tender 3000 in close cooperation with supermarket chain Albert Heijn. This 3000 version carries an astonishingly 30 crates with groceries!

Urban Arrow founder Jorrit Kreek: “

Today we launched the “Tender”, a new model Cargo bike, during the European Cycle Logistic Conference in Vienna. The Tender really is the truck amongst the cargo bikes. The rear frame with bicycle technology combined with the automobile technology on the front is unique and
gain shows that we’re ahead of the game. It’s our largest and first three wheeled cargo bike.

Cary 200 kg



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